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OUR OFFICE IS LOCATED IN OKLAHOMA CITY, not at the unknown end of a 1-800 number !!

Tax debt requires immediate attention and action. IRS and OTC (Oklahoma Tax Commission) problems do not just go away on their own. They just get worse unless you have someone fighting for your rights as a citizen and taxpayer! No matter how far you travel or how much time has passed, tax problems remain and will eventually catch up with you.

No matter how honest or hard working someone is, tax problems can arise. Realistically, the IRS and OTC don't care about your best intentions or efforts to initially address your tax situation......they just want what they claim they are owed, whether they are right or wrong.

In fact, you may not even owe the IRS and OTC anything!

Tax Attorney Sherri Carver is located in Oklahoma City.

You will personally meet with Sherri at her OKC office. She specializes in tax problem resolution by personally helping people end their IRS and OTC tax problems. She is an expert at relieving taxpayers from the nightmare of IRS and OTC problems. Let her and her staff help you end your tax problems once and for all.

Protect yourself, family, home and job from the tactics of the tax collection arsenal.

Contact us today for a consultation regarding your tax problems!

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