Payroll (941) Taxes in Oklahoma City

Information for Employers and Business Owners

If you are required to file a 940 return, it is important to understand the reasoning behind it and how to effectively file.

Per normal business operations, withholding Social Security, Medicare, and Income Tax from your employees' wages is expected. These taxes are then reported quarterly with the IRS 941 tax form. They are considered trust fund taxes because you hold these funds until they are reported and paid to the IRS.

Additionally, you must also annually file a 940 return. Understandably, there are serious consequences to withholding any of these funds at one point or at all. If you need assistance or have further questions, make sure you reach out to our Oklahoma City tax lawyer at The Carver Law Office, PLLC.

Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Statute

In an attempt to encourage prompt payroll tax payments, the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Statute was put into place. This allows the IRS to transfer the tax liability from a company to an individual or individuals. Essentially, if you are responsible for your company's payroll and its taxes, you could be facing serious consequences for withholding any of the funds.

Some of the consequences associated with payroll tax penalties can include:

  • Attempted collection of the funds owed
  • Shut down of business and assets sold
  • Federal criminal charges

If you are unsure whether you could be subject to the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Statute, consider the following:

  • Was or am I responsible for collecting payroll taxes?
  • Was or am I the one responsible for sending the trust fund taxes to the IRS?
  • Did I actually fail to send in any or all of the trust fund taxes in time or at all?

Being penalized for your payroll taxes may not be exclusive to paying them and doing so in a timely manner. When this happens, you need an experienced and knowledgeable tax lawyer in Oklahoma City.

Contact our Oklahoma City tax attorney for the assistance you need!

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