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Even with the relief it can provide an individual or a business, bankruptcy can still be a difficult and complex process to navigate. Many believe that bankruptcy excuses them, at least temporarily, from financial accountability, but life does continue after bankruptcy and responsibilities remain.

The most forgotten issue is often taxes; bankruptcy does not excuse one from taxes and careful navigation is required when it comes time to report your earnings and file your return.

However, there are some cases in which federal tax debt can be wiped away, specifically if you've filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. To navigate these possible advantages, it is crucial that you seek professional insight into your financial situation so that you not only comply with tax regulations, but also receive the benefits and breaks you deserve during this trying time.

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When Can My Tax Debts Be Discharged?

If you have filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it is possible to have income tax debt forgiven by the federal government. To qualify for tax debt discharges like this, several conditions must exist.

For federal income tax debt to be discharged, the debts must:

  • Be at least three years from when you filed bankruptcy
  • Be recorded in a tax return from the year of which they originate
  • Be assessed by the IRS 240 days before bankruptcy is filed
  • Not be the result of fraud

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At The Carver Law Office, PLLC we know how uncertain and frightening bankruptcy can be and how it can further complicate your tax filings. We've made it our mission to help countless clients who have filed for bankruptcy comply with tax law and, more importantly, get the relief that their bankruptcy petition allows them.

If you or a loved one has filed for bankruptcy and are unsure how to approach your income taxes, then we invite you to call us The Carver Law Office, PLLC today!

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  • “We don't know which was better, you're saving us over $72,000.00 or giving us our peace of mind back. Either way, we'll take both!”

    T.R. and B.R.

  • “The idea of calling some toll free number that rang to "who knows where" didn't seem like a good idea. Your office made sure I knew what to expect and what way we were going to go to solve my problem.”


  • “"Fantastic"”

    Chris Liebman

  • “We are so thankful for her help and advice.”


  • “Ms. Carver challenged the IRS on our behalf, resulting in the IRS agreeing to withdraw all of the recommended changes.”


  • “After wasting thousands of dollars by hiring some smiling television 'tax specialists', I found and retained Sherri's firm.”


  • “Highly recommend working with Ms. Carver for any tax concerns!”

    T N.

  • “One call to your office and shortly later, you got the lien released and I was on my way to my first home.”

    P.A. and Family

  • “Her knowledge of the law and experience negotiating a settlement that was unbelievably workable for me had an immediate impact on my future.”


  • “After years of arguing with the IRS I finally found someone who listened to me and help put an end to the whole ordeal. ”


  • “We are so thankful for her help and advice.”


  • “Knowing that you and your office were doing the tax work, being able to put a face to a voice, gave us a feeling of security.”

    D.K. and L.K.

  • “I have my life back, and it wouldn’t have happened without the compassion, guidance and counsel of Ms. Carver.”


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