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Case Results

The IRS can be highly intimidating. Losing a spot on their good side could mean an interruption of your income, assets, and the entire way of life you enjoyed before having to encounter them. We work to keep the IRS within their bounds and eliminate these pressures from your life. We can never guarantee any particular outcome, but these results show what we can do.

Disclaimer: Results are based on specific circumstances and not everyone will obtain a similar result.

  • $182,863 Accepted
    $323,859.48 Owed This was an ETA offer for an ongoing business, meaning that financial analysis showed that taxpayer could full pay the liability, but we convinced the IRS to accept less than the full amount owed.
  • $115,176 Accepted
    $531,329.32 Owed International OIC; taxpayer lived outside the US.
  • $27,218 Accepted
    ~$272,000 Owed 1040
  • $12,791 Accepted
    ~$120,000 Owed TFRP
  • $3,971.28 Accepted
    $235,770.01 Owed 1040
  • $1,012 Accepted
    $130,704.39 Owed TFRP
  • $1,012 Accepted
    $171,008.91 Owed TFRP and 1040
  • $80.00 Accepted
    $49,661.30 Owed 1040
  • $0
    $121,158.52 Owed OTC agreed to a abatement of 100% penalities and interest on sales tax liability.
  • $0 (client received refund)
    $73,818.13 Owed IRS improperly assessed liability for day trading.